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Ball Screw Repair

When your ball screw is worn, the ball grooves are not perfectly round any more. Putting in new balls (perfect spheres) into a worn ball groove isn't going to be a long term solution to your problem. The new balls will start to wear out unevenly and cause your screw more damage the next time it fails. Re-balling a screw is just a temporary fix that is only good for a few months.

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We grind the ball grooves of your screw to a T.I.R. of +/- .0002 per linear foot. We then grind the ball grooves on your nut to the same diameter (+/- .0002). Precision ground & lapped balls are installed. Screw, nut & balls are lapped together at high speed for 30 to 45 minutes. This will insure that the proper load is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of your screw. This is how a new ball screw is manufactured & tested. This is how it is rebuilt by Mitchell Precision. This is why we are the only company offering a three year in use warranty on all ball screw repair projects.

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Precision ball screw repair backed by our industry leading 36 month warranty! Your ball screw will perform like new for three years, guaranteed. When we repair your ball screw we're returning it to original manufacturers specifications & tolerances. We're capable of holding .0001" per linear foot lead accuracy. We can also grind, chrome plate & grind your bearing ends if they're worn and even repair the journal if it's broken off.

All rebuild shops are NOT the same. Simply "re-balling" a screw will work for a few months. If you want your ball screw to last a few years, then you need to do a complete rebuild with Mitchell Precision as follows:

  • 1: Check the load of the nut throughout the entire length of the screw locating any trouble spots
  • 2: Complete disassembly of the screw, nut & returns to prep with steam cleaning for inspection
  • 3: Check & record ball groove depth on both screw & nut. Record ball size. Prep for grinding.
  • 4: Inspect all return tubes, return mechanisms, wipers, brushes and repair/replace as needed
  • 5: Thread grind (ball grooves) your screw end to end until a TIR of .0002" (per foot) is reached
  • 6: ID grind the nut to the same diameter ball grooves within +/- .0002 over entire length of nut
  • 7: Precision grind & lap balls to size matching the newly ground ball grooves on your screw & nut
  • 8: Assemble all parts with lapping compound and run the screw at high speed for 30/45 minutes
  • 9: If there are any tight spots or trouble areas, we start again at line #4
  • 10: Disassemble screw & nut for cleaning / inspection and make adjustments as needed
  • 11: Final assembly to original preload, complete inspection, testing & crating
  • 12: If bearing surfaces or journals are damaged, we can OD grind & chrome back to OEM specs

The end result is a completely remanufactured ball screw that will last years instead of months. We completely remanufacture your ball screw, not just reload it. If other companies offered the same level of service, they'd offer the same warranty.

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