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Mitchell Precision

Precision Ball Screw

Precision ball screw rebuilds in 12 to 24 hours. We are capable of holding .0001 per linear foot lead accuracy on all precision ball screw assemblies.

Rockford Ball Screw

Rockford products are fully guaranteed for three years from the install date! We guarantee all of our ball screw repair projects for three years.

Danaher Motion

Searching for Danaher Motion products? Why wait 5 weeks for delivery when you can have it in 12 to 24 hours! We can repair all Danaher Motion products and we also sell their complete line with everything in stock.

Mazak Ball Screw

We are the #1 source for Mazak ball screw repair. It's cheaper and faster to rebuild your screw then it is to purchase a new one from Mazak. We offer a longer warranty, 50% savings and 12 to 24 hour delivery.

THK Ball Screw

THK ball screws can take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. When they're delivered, they only come with a 30 day warranty. We can deliver any ball screw repair in 12 to 24 hours and give you a three year warranty.

Giddings & Lewis Ball Screw

Ball screws from Giddings & Lewis are usually larger then your average machine. We have the expertise and experience to get your machine back into production with minimal downtime.

Star Ball Screw

Ever try to order parts or a new screw from Star of one of their authorized distributors? It's 4 to 6 weeks if they still make the part. We can repair any Star ball screw regardless how badly it worn in 12 to 24 hours.

Mori Seiki Ball Screw

We have spare Mori Seiki ball screws for SL5 & SL6 in stock for immediate delivery!

Linear Guide Repair

Problems with your linear guides? Regardless if they're worn, loose, crashed, they can be rebuilt to OEM specifications in 24 hours!

When it comes to ball screw repair, you have a lot of options. Why choose Mitchell Precision when there are so many others? 3 Year Warranty. Minimal Downtime. Affordable Pricing.

Screw Repair and Assembly Services

When it comes to ball screw repair, Mitchell Precision is your ideal choice. We boast a variety of great reasons to work with us, including our 3-Year Warranty and affordable pricing. That’s the Mitchell Precision guarantee. We are the leading precision-ball screw and lead-screw repair company with assembly available.

Mitchell Precision offers the best warranty in the industry, a promise that could end up saving you money for years to come. Three years from the install date; if your repair doesn’t perform as new for 36 months, we’ll replace it, no questions asked. Downtime can cost your business more than the repair project, which is why the team at Mitchell Precision is committed to delivering on your schedule. At other repair companies, your machine can be out of production for a few hours. When you choose Mitchell Precision, give us a few hours and your machine is as good as new.

Quality, efficient and affordable. That’s the Mitchell Precision guarantee. For more information on our precision ball screw and lead screw repair and our available assembly, contact us today.

lead screw ball screw lead

Downtime can cost more then the repair project. We deliver on your schedule. Your machine can be down and out of production a few days or a few hours. If you choose Mitchell Precision, then you're only down a few hours. We deliver on your schedule to get you back into production as quickly and as easily as possible. Don't let downtime cost you more then the repair project. We're capable of running three shifts seven days a week. Delivery times of 6 to 12 hours are possible. Please contact your nearest repair center for full details and a free estimate.

thk ball screw repair

Affordable pricing with "Not to exceed" quotations. We offer upfront pricing. Call us with the approximate diameter & length of your ball screw, along with the problem (did it crash, seize, noisy at high speed, loss of tolerance, etc.) and we can give you a price right over the phone. We'll save you 60% or more from ordering a new screw. With Mitchell Precision you'll never be shocked with our prices. All of our prices are quoted as "Not to exceed". We'll never go over our N.T.E. price and usually come in cheaper then originally quoted. If you're not completely satisfied with our estimate, we will return your parts free of any charges, and we'll pay for all shipping.

star ball screw assembly

Pricing example: If a new ball screw costs $3500.00 then it's safe to say that your total repair cost will be under $1750.00 with a three year in use warranty.

What if I'm not happy with your price after I ship my screw? We will ship it back to you free of any charges and we will pay for all shipping. Mitchell Precision will never charge you for a disassembly & inspection. If you're not completely satisfied with our price, we will ship it back to you or another repair facility free of any charges.

Danaher Motion

Regardless who you use to repair your ball screw. Get the price & free estimate in writing before you ship it out! Some companies will give you a verbal "free estimate", make sure they put it in writing. "If you are not completely satisfied with our free estimate & final price, your equipment will be returned free of any charges." If they're not willing to put that in writing, you need take your business elsewhere.

Ball Screw Assembly

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